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Composition Roof Installation - Roofing Contractors

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Let It Reign Construction has established itself as one of the best and most successful roof contractors in northwestern Washington.

We have a keen understanding of the Pacific Northwest climate and wish to share our roof installation knowledge of its effect a composition roof.

Let It Reign Logo Let It Reign Construction offers the best workmanship and material out there. We are one of the most trusted roofing contractors in the area. When we do a roof installation or roof repairs or home remodeling projects, you are assured to be delighted with the outcome.

Let It Reign Construction, one of the northwest Washington's most trusted roofing contractors has been serving the composition roof installation needs of the people of Kent WA., Auburn WA., Seattle , WA., Tacoma WA., Renton WA., Federal Way WA., Ballard WA., Redmond WA., Shoreline WA., Bellevue WA., and Kirkland WA.

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Composition Roof Installation - Roofing Contractors

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We have been one of leading your local roofing contractors in every neighborhood from Ballard, Magnolia to Queen Anne and Bainbridge Island to Renton and Redmond Our roof installation quality is unmatched.

Tear Off or Overlay?

The question often comes up to roofing contractors whether an existing roof installation of a composition roof should be torn off or if an overlay is possible.

Overlays of roofing shingles save on time, labor, and disposal costs of the roof installation. If the existing roofing shingles have only one layer, lays flat, and there are not any problems with the roof deck, removal of the roofing shingles is not necessary.

Too many roofing shingles layers‚ If a composition roof has more than one roofing shingles layer of composition roofing, the composition roof should be torn off by roofing contractors and a new roof installation be performed.

Composition Roof Installation - Roofing Contractors

In most cases, this is a code requirement. Codes rarely permit more than two roofing shingle layers on a composition roof. Please find one of the reliable roofing contractors before you put another layer of roofing shingles on your composition roof.

Bad decking - if the roofing shingles have spongy areas noticed when roofing contractors walk on a roof, or if the roofing shingles sags between the rafters or tresses, there's a chance that some of the composition roof deck may be deteriorating or be damaged. Let the roofing contractors show exactly how your composite roof may be sagging and the condition of your roof installation.

Composition Roof Installation - Roofing Contractors

Ice dams - In some areas the average January temperature can be below 30¬ F, and roofing has no ice and water protection.

If roofing shingles membrane is present on a composition roof, then a full tear off of the composition roof should be considered.

As one of the trusted roofing contractors, Let It Reign Construction, would be delighted to evaluate your roof installation situation. Just call for an appointment.

Composition Roof Installation - Roofing Contractors

Incompatible roofing shingles - Roofing contractors agree that if a heavy weight shingles are used to cover a light weight strip shingle such as 3-tabs, then the composition roof will look good. However, if light shingles are used to cover heavy shingles, roofing contractors could inform that light shingles have a tendency to show all the bumps and ridges and a new roof installation will be required.

Existing a composition roof is in poor condition - if the composition roof is in really poor shape, then roofing contractors could perform a complete composition roof tear off by removing all roofing shingles. Roofing contractors should then place your composition roof installation.

Shorter Life Span - There is documented research, but roofing contractors would agree that an overlay composition roof, the average lifespan of roofing shingles will be shortened by about 10%-20%.